14 June 2002

Pioneers on trail for light carrying

VERSATILE vehicles for light carrying duties, is how Bobcat bills its two new utility models – the Pioneer 900 and 1200.

Powered by 350cc and 400cc units, respectively, the vehicles are equipped with continuously variable transmissions (CVT), giving a top speed of 31/kph.

Independent front and semi-independent rear suspension ensure a smooth ride, says Bobcat, and increased stability on inclines.

Stopping power is provided by four hydraulic drum brakes, a system designed to prevent the vehicle sliding on wet slopes.

A two-wheel diff lock serves to supply extra traction on demand, and the Pioneers are fitted with a multi-lock parking brake.

Constructed with an aluminium chassis and cargo box, the vehicles are considered to have a low operating weight and to be corrosion resistant.

Carry and tow

Despite its lightweight design, Bobcat says the Pioneer 1200 can carry 363kg and tow 544kg.

Pioneer accessories include cabs, van boxes and electric or hydraulically operated lifts. Price for the vehicles are on application. &#42