4 August 1995

Pipe fittings fit plastic, copper and lead

COMPRESSION fittings for use with metric/imperial polyethylene, copper or lead pipe are now available from Doncaster-based Polypipe.

The Polyfast range of fittings are manufactured with acetal bodies, grab rings and rubber seals. The grab ring in combination with a pipe stiffener or insert reduces the risk of pull-out and gives end-load resistance, says Polypipe.

Sizes to fit 20, 25, 32, 50 and 63mm outside-diameter polyethylene pipe are available. And adaptors also enable the use of imperial sizes as well as copper and lead pipework.

The Polyfast range includes tees, elbows, adaptors, straight and reducing couplers, double spigot reducers and stop-cocks (01709-770000).