14 July 1995

Plans for ADAS privatisation come under fire from Strang

LABOUR has condemned the governments announcement that ADAS is to be privatised.

Speaking at the Great Yorkshire Show, shadow farm minister Dr Gavin Strang claimed farmers were united in their opposition to the privatisation move.

"Having systematically cutback government support for ADAS, ministers have now decided to abandon it completely," said Dr Strang. "This cannot be in the long term interests of improving the productivity of our industry. ADAS is respected because it is owned by the state."

He warned that the country would pay a price for the "year in, year out cutbacks in government support for food science". The long-term health of the UKs livestock was also threatened by cuts in MAFFs state veterinary service.

"It is a scandal that we have seen these cuts in services which are so important to consumers, food producers and farmers alike, while expenditure under the CAP, much of it highly wasteful, has risen by 182% under the Conservatives," said Dr Strang.