2 February 1996


THIS years National Forage Maize Day organised by CEDAR and the MGA will include technical demonstrations and trial plots examining the key agronomic factors affecting maize production.

Maize seed houses are being offered the chance to demonstrate their varieties in a technical feature. For example, one seed house may wish to demonstrate the effect of early and late drilling, another the importance of fertiliser placement, and another chemical and mechanical weed control. Conservation and feeding of maize will also be covered, both in harvesting demonstrations and a seminar on Managing the Maize Harvest – the mechanics and the product. New at this years event will be a TMR feed centre incorporating technical information from research and practical experience.

The National Forage Maize Day will be at CEDAR for the sixth time, but in recognition of the increasing number of early varieties on the market, the event has been brought forward to Sep 4, 1996. The event will be free for members of the MGA and DRC; otherwise cost is £5 a head or £10 a car. &#42

Visit this years National Forage Maize Day at CEDAR on Sep 4.