29 November 1996

Plough now designed for specialist

NEW ploughs at Smithfield were designed to meet specialist requirements, with features such as on-the-move working width adjustment and different leg protection facilities.

Lemkens Vari-EuroPlough comes in three models to replace the current DLV series, combining the heavier-duty headstock and beam construction of the manual width-adjustment EuroPlough with hydraulic changes in furrow width. There are three to six furrow sizes with a choice of interbody clearance on most models. Underbeam clearance is a standard 80cm (31.5in).

Lemken Tri-Ag also had details of its EuroPlough 8 on-land plough due for introduction next year. The companys Mervyn Hutton says more farmers on heavy clay soils are interested in using extra-wide tyres and ploughing out of the furrow to avoid compaction. The new fully-mounted model, available in sizes up to seven-furrows, will serve this role, as well as being suitable for track-laying tractors.

Hydraulic leg protection, and a more compact configuration, are the latest additions to the Vogel & Noot plough range from Anglia Imports. The hydraulic break-back brings the choice of leg safety systems to four for the Austrian ploughs – shear bolt, coil spring semi-auto reset, and both leaf spring and hydraulic fully auto reset.

Sandy Greenhill, covering Scotland and the north of England for Anglia Imports, says the principle attraction of the hydraulic system is that break-back pressures are readily adjusted to suit different ploughing conditions, and a higher maximum pressure can be set than is practical with a leaf-spring design.

The Vogel & Noot "850" plough has 85cm (33.5in) point-to-point clearance rather than the 950cm (37in) offered before, which has the effect of lightening and shortening the plough. &#42

Vogel & Noot Euromat 3S "850" plough is shorter and lighter than previous models, making it easier to handle on smaller tractors.