26 April 1996

Pneumatic seeder brings added width

WIDER versions of Kuhns Venta pneumatic seeder should arrive in the UK for this autumn.

Available in 3m, 4m and 4.5m (10ft, 13ft and 14.8ft) format since 1995, the Venta was always designed to be extended. Hence, the impending arrival of a 6m (19.7ft) model comes as no great surprise; there is even talk of an 8m (26ft) version.

Like its smaller siblings, the new range-topping 6m Venta AL601 has a sliding hopper for easy filling and weight transfer.

For loading, the hopper is slid to the rear giving clearer access for both man and machine, while in work the hopper is moved forward. That brings maximum weight up close to the tractor – of particular benefit when used in combination with a hefty power harrow.

To further cut headstock stress a floating system enables the drills weight to be transferred from headstock to power harrow packer.

Fan drive is hydraulic and seed coulters are mounted in a three-row configuration.

Prices for the 6m Venta have yet to be announced. A 3m version costs £10,995 and when ordered with an HR power harrow and packer roller the price rises to about £20,000. &#42