2 June 1995

Polish for cultivation gear

By Andrew Faulkner

PRODUCT refinement, rather than dramatic innovation, is how Lemken sees current development in the cultivator market.

The German firms policy was clearly in evidence at last weeks launch of its model line-up for the 1995 season. Nothing radical, just a "polishing" of existing cultivation concepts was the theme.

New to the British market this year will be a lightweight semi-mounted plough and a one-pass tine/levelling board cultivator.

The EuroPlough SM 8-series plough inherits many of the features incorporated on the 7-series fully mounted models, which made their UK debut at the 1994 Royal Highland Show.

Pin positioning

These include "nut and bolt" adjustment of furrow width – 33cm (13in), 38cm (15in), 44cm (18in) and 50cm (20in) – and pin positioning of the skim coulters. Five-, six- or seven-furrow models are available, with 140mm (5.5in) section main beam and 1m (40in) interbody clearance fitted as standard.

In effect, the 8-series is a lighter weight/lower cost option to Lemkens existing SMV vari-width, semi-mounted ploughs, which are offered up to nine-furrows. Furrow widths are still adjustable, albeit using spanners on the headland rather than hydraulics on-the-move.

The 8-series prices will be

about 25% less than the equivalent SMV Variowidth model – from £15,860 for a five-furrow plough.

"Because the Europlough models are only available up to seven-furrows, weve been able to use smaller rams and tyre equipment than the heavier models, without losing build strength. Well be selling these ploughs all over the UK, and on to all soil types," says Mervyn Hutton of Lemken Tri-Ag.

Following a similar lighter weight/lower cost theme, Lemken has also introduced a simplified version of its Terratilth one-pass cultivator.

Badged Terratine, the new model comprises two banks of levelling boards followed by either three rows of tines or two rows of duck-foot shares. A consolidating roller/press is mounted on the rear.

The machine is claimed to have 75% of the cultivating effect of its heavier stablemate, the Terratilth, but is still capable of producing a one-pass seed-bed on most soil types.

Working widths of 3-6m (10-20ft) are available, and there are plans to build models up to 9m (30ft), along with semi-mounted versions for use in combination with a drill.

Price of a 3m (10ft) wide Terratine is £4150.

&#8226 Lemken has modified the design of its Terradisc tine/disc straw incorporating cultivator. Rather than using a single frame, the discs and crumbler roller are now mounted on a parallel linkage attached to the main cultivator body. This means the relationship between covering disc and following roller remains constant, independent of tine depth.