10 May 1996

Polymat changes head

LATEST version of Lelys Polymat pneumatic drill features a new design of distribution head claimed to offer greater accuracy than earlier models.

With a working width of 4m (13ft), the Polymat can be used either as a solo drill or in combination with a power harrow – pto power being conveyed directly or through the tail shaft of the power harrow.

The new distribution head allows up to three seed rows a tramline to be returned directly back into the seed hopper – an arrangement which avoids over-seeding of adjacent rows, says Lely.

Application rates span from 1 to 400kg/ha (2.2 to 880lb/acre), and hopper capacity is now 820 litres (176gal).

Three rows of coulters are employed with each coulters pressure control individually adjustable. Coulters can also be moved fore and aft, a feature deemed to be useful when the drill is used in combination with a power harrow, allowing coulter bars to be set close to the depth control roller.

Prices are from £11,300. &#42

4m pneumatic drilling with the new Lely Polymat.