15 November 1996

Pony show techniques made clear

AMONG the latest crop of horsey books to reach the Farmlife office is one by Jenny Morgan*.

Its a well written and well illustrated book on how to win working hunter and show hunter pony classes.

She writes with authority, having produced the well known working hunter pony champions Aston Tinkerbell (a Welsh Section A mare) and Aston True Welshman (a Welsh Section C gelding) both ridden to success by her daughter Emma.

She begins by defining the working hunter show pony, gives the British Show Pony Societys definition and adds: "If you ask 100 judges for a definition… you would probably get 100 slightly different answers." For the purposes of her book "he is a good performance pony with appropriate and correct conformation for his breed and type."

She goes on to describe every stage of preparation and the competition itself. The thoroughness of her work is reflected in the fact that she includes a section on the paperwork involved. Get this wrong and all your work is in vain!

"If you think you might make any money showing forget it," she says… "its a great pleasure to see your pony going round in the ring and to be proud of him. Winning is the real icing on the cake."AR

*Showing Hunter Ponies by Jenny Morgan, Kennilworth Press (£14.95).