16 June 1995

Potash made easy

QUICK and accurate calculation of grass potash requirements is claimed for the new Grassland Kalculator developed by the Potash Development Association.

"The Kalculator has been devised using the most up-to-date information available," says the PDAs John Hollies. "It is easy to use, represents best practice for farming and the environment and is free."

Potash is essential to regulate nitrogen use. Deficiency leads to poor nitrogen responses, and reduced grass yields, he claims.

PDA recommendations for correct use of phosphate and potash require regular soil analysis, estimation of grass yield and an assessment of nutrients returned by manure applications.

Mr Hollies claims soil sampling the swards on his 40ha (100-acre) dairy farm in Dyfed every three or four years costs him 10p/acre a year. This enables him to check that his phosphate and potash fertiliser is applied correctly and economically.