8 March 1996

Power harrow challenge

Putting the power harrow out of business? Lemken Tri-ags Terratine goes through its paces to produce a one-pass seed bed in this light soil.

THE hunt for a low cost alternative to the power harrow continues. Latest contender is Lemken Tri-Ag which has now launched the rather aptly designated "Terratine" cultivator.

Designed to produce a one-pass seed bed in light and medium soils, the tractor mounted Terratine is produced in 3m, 4.5m, and 6m versions. Tilth is produced progressively starting with levelling boards followed by a spring-loaded blade which lifts, levels and distributes soil across the width of the implement.

A bank of harrows is next in the sequence – purchasers can specify either three rows of gamma-tines or two rows of duck-foot shares. The former is recommended for fine tilth production while the duck-foot is considered more suitable for shallower seed-beds. Depth control is from 3cm to 15cm (0.6in to 6in).

The harrows are followed by a roller. Once again, there is a choice of roll-type to suit particular conditions – crumbler roller or two flange type rollers.

Transport width of the larger two models is reduced by hydraulically folding the outer sections. Lemken also reports that it is to offer a semi-mounted 6m model later this year. Price of a 4.5m version starts at £6113. &#42