10 April 1998

Powerful torch has 50W bulb

IF IT is a powerful torch you need then the Dragon Star 50W could be the one.

Made by Civil Defence Supply, to describe this portable searchlight as a mere torch is perhaps an understatement.

Sophistication comes in the form of an internal microprocessor which manages the lamps circuits and ensures long battery life. A low voltage buzzer warns when the battery is running down. It can be recharged either from a mains pack or cigarette lighter socket.

With a 50W bulb in place total operating time is put at 70min; a 20W bulb gives three hours. Made of what is claimed to be an unbreakable, water resistant casing, the Dragon Star 50W costs £89 complete with carrying strap and battery. A mains charger unit costs a further £39.

A 50W bulb provides lighting power for the Dragon Star torch.