10 May 1996

Price of farmed venison up as stocks run out

FARMED venison has run out, as supermarkets clamour for supplies.

The price of the product has doubled in the last four years and now tops £2/lb, says the British Deer Farming Association.

"The supermarkets are driving it," commented BDFA vice-chairman Mark Hawkins. "All of them either sell it or want to sell it."

He admits that the BSE crisis has helped demand, but claims that more consumers have adopted the meat, thanks to producers policy of making a clear differentiation between farmed and wild venison.

But supply is still seasonal, mainly available between July and January.

"Last years product has run out, while eastern European deer have been culled almost out of existence and New Zealand venison has been attracted into higher priced markets such as the USA and south-east Asia."