28 July 1995

Producer groups unite

UNITED Oilseeds and United Grain Producers are forming a joint marketing and broking venture, to be known as United Agricultural Trading.

"The new organisation will be the eyes and ears of its members in the marketplace, complementing their trading activities," said UGP managing director Bill Niven.

Its primary role will be providing market intelligence and broking, "to find the best price in the market for a range of combinable crops".

UGP will continue its other functions including market development, contract negotiation, monitoring Brussels and political lobbying. It already performs these roles for some 22 co-ops, including Group Cereal Services, which recently merged with Arable Crop Marketing (Midlands) following an unsuccessful merger attempt with United Oilseeds.

United Oilseeds has its own broking subsidiary, Groups Broking GB, which it operates with co-ops SCATS, Fengrain, Farmway and Lingrain.

The new joint venture, based at United Oilseeds Devizes office, will bring all these bodies together.