2 November 2001

Producers in Wales voice concerns to NFU vice-president

THE problems of potato and turkey producers were highlighted when NFU vice-president Michael Paske visited Pembrokeshire.

Mr Paske inspected 3000 birds destined for Christmas dinner tables. But Peter Scales, of Haythog Farm, Spittal, said it was difficult to make even modest profits from the enterprises. Away from the big cities, high quality and good marketing were the key, he said.

"If we were selling into the midlands or south-east we could charge a lot more. Though turkeys can fit in well with potato growing, and provide cash flow at a pretty grim time of the year, many producers have given up. The regulations we have to cope with are horrendous and are getting worse." &#42

Talking turkey… Peter Scales (left) explains producers problems to NFU vice-president Michael Paske.