3 November 1995

Producers must pay for future research

By Jonathan Riley

THE downturn in research into pig husbandry and disease in the UK is only likely to be reversed by a co-ordinated producer-funded research programme.

So said Humberside-based vet Mark White at the Cotswold Pig Development companys conference "Surviving and thriving beyond the millennium" in Bristol.

"Many pig producers accept that they have to pay 25p to 30p a pig produced to dispose of carcasses from diseased pigs. A similar sum put into a research fund would offer huge long-term benefits to the industry," said Dr White.

He said new pig diseases such as atrophic rhinitis and streptococcus suis II meningitis had emerged and more could appear. "The long-term survival of the industry will depend on the removal of primary viral infections which are producing chronic disease on many farms.

"To survive into the next century producers must increase the life-span of their sows, control secondary diseases and make improvements in the immunity of herds. And this can only be achieved by increased funding."

Dr Mark White says long-term industry survival depends on the removal of primary viral infections.