1 December 1995

Progen taken over by ABS

US CATTLE breeding company ABS has taken over Progen, the Hampshire-based company that supplies semen to independent AI technicians across the UK.

"ABS Progen will continue to supply its semen from ABS studs in the US and around the world," says Progens Nigel Spicer. "It will also continue to supply beef and minority breed semen from other sources.

Most of UKcovered

He adds that the businesses of independent AI operators supplied by Progen have grown over the past 12-24 months, to the extent that these can now cover most of the UK. He expects them to expand further and more new ones to be set up, giving producers more choice in AI service.

&#8226 ABS Progen and ABS Global has appointed a new genetic co-ordinator, Bob Strathie, who currently works as operations manager for the Genus MOET herd in Northumberland.

Mr Strathie will be responsible for the selection of bull, semen and embryos for the UK as well as overseeing ABSs European progeny testing scheme.