17 November 1995

Promotion levy for pork and bacon to be raised

THE Meat and Livestock Commissions Pork and Bacon Promotion Council is proposing to raise its bolt-on levy from 54p to 60p from April 1996 to allow a wider programme of promotions.

Plans include TV advertising, point of sale activity to promote porks healthy eating image and tactical support for multiple retailers. The target increase in cabinet space of 10% between 1993/94 and 1997/98 is expected to be achieved a year ahead of schedule, with new products at the forefront of the campaign, says the MLC.

And as well as running its established "pork product of the year" competition for the trade the MLC will be encouraging younger interest with a "junior British pork product of the year" award.

The aim is to get students to think about pork and pigmeat.

MLC plans to have more schoolchildren eating pork, too. It already works with 25% of school meal providers and during 1996-97 aims to increase this to 50%.

More pork pie and Charter bacon promotions are planned and support for the Sausage Appreciation Society is set to continue.