30 August 1996

Pros and cons of cutting IPUrates – company views

SINCE last autumn no more than 2500g/ha of isoproturon herbicide may legally be applied to any one crop. The Task Force leaflet suggests growers can help cut the risk of water contamination by using less.

"Where possible", it states, "take advantage of a reduced rate of 1500g active ingredient/ha through the use of formulated mixtures, tank-mixes or a sequence of IPU with other herbicides."

Precisely how that can be achieved varies according to individual circumstances and which firm one talks to, but there is broad agreement on some key aspects.

All three company spokesmenon advise that tackling small weeds in the autumn, when they are most susceptible, offers the best chance of control.

Keep the pressure on weeds by using lower rates of IPUapplied in the autumn, recommend three company spokesmen on the IPUTask Force.