3 November 1995

Quarter could quit industry

UP to a quarter of the pig industry is diseased, inefficient, outdated and under-invested. And as a result 25% of producers will stop keeping pigs within the next 10 years, said Yorkshire pig producer, John Rowbottom.

Mr Rowbottom, who runs 1300 sows told pig producers and industry representatives at the Bristol conference that to stave off competition from countries world-wide UK producers would have to do everything to cut costs. But he did not believe the pig industry would be 25% smaller.

"As smaller units wish to get out, or get on, we may see larger organisations incorporating them and using them in a totally different way. For example, nine units may become part of a centrally-organised group with three breeding, three rearing and three finishing units using isolated weaning techniques," said Mr Rowbottom.

"There will be greater integration in the coming years by means of partnerships between producers processors and retailers."

Yorks producer John Rowbottom forecasts greater integration in the coming years.