27 September 1996

Queens Award delight for ABP

MEAT processing firm ABP has been presented with the Queens Award for export achievement in recognition of the £70m market it developed for British beef and lamb in Europe.

Ironically two-thirds of the sales value came from beef, all exports of which are now banned. But Richard Cracknell, head of ABPs British operations, insisted that lamb exports were still substantial. "Our next achievement will be to rebuild our beef exports when the ban is lifted," he added.

Unfortunately, progress towards that goal would be driven by political considerations which the firm could do little to influence, said Mr Cracknell. But, unless government resolved the situation quickly, ABP might not be able to justify keeping its beef export infrastructure in place, he warned.

Despite the problems, he said the firm was delighted to receive the Queens Award. "It recognises the tremendous effort by our staff, and substantial marketing investment over many years." &#42