5 March 2001
Rampaging dogs kill ewes

By FWi staff

DOGS have slaughtered 21 pregnant ewes in a field in Wales after the sheeps owner was unable to bring them indoors due to foot-and-mouth restrictions.

Two alsatians attacked the animals at a field near Tondu, Bridgend, rented from Glamorgan Wildlife Trust by farmer Peter Anthony.

Mr Anthony of Cwm Risca Farm had not been allowed to move them indoors for lambing because of livestock movement restrictions.

He described the sight that met his eyes on Sunday (04 March) as a “massacre” and said the dogs responsible tried to attack him.

Eighteen ewes were already dead and a vet was called in to put down three which were barely alive.

“Im only glad that the nature reserve was closed because of foot-and-mouth so there were no people there, or they could have been attacked,” said Mr Anthony.

The farmer said he shot one of the dogs when it moved into another field and continued attacking sheep. The police are investigating.

Mr Anthony warned people to keep their dogs under control as lambing time approaches.

He added: “Farmers are having a tough enough time because of foot-and-mouth restrictions as it is. To lose 21 sheep so horribly is devastating.”

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