30 June 1995

Range of tees for dairy plant jars

DAIRY parlours fitted with jar plants might benefit from the new range of jar bottom tees from silicone milk tubing maker Silclear.

Available in 32 and 40mm diameters, Silclear claims the tees minimal internal restrictions enable faster jar emptying.

The outflow of the Jar Tee is said to accept any size tube or push-in fitting and the ball lifter can be interchanged between left and right hand positions so the lever is always accessible.

Unlike the rest of Silclears range of tubing and fittings, which are made from clear silicone, the Jar Tees are coloured. The 32mm is dark blue and the 40mm light blue. A large bore fast flow tap is fitted as standard to the 40mm and optional on the 32mm. The large tap is designed to allow swift milk dumping. Priced from £16.95 for the 32mm fitting and £21.95 for the 40mm version (01590-679577).