14 June 1996

Rau sprayers meet tough German laws

CLEAN water tank capacity has been doubled on Raus 2500-litre and 3000-litre trailed sprayers to meet German environmental laws.

Under those laws spray operators are expected to wash off their machines before leaving the field and travelling on a public highway. They must also carry sufficient clean water to rinse the sprayers tank, pump and spray lines.

At 155 litres (34gal), the previous clean water tank was not big enough to meet both washing down and rinsing out requirements, so Rau has now upped capacity to 300 litres (66gal). Tank siting has also changed from side mounting to a central position within the main tank.

"Fitting a big 300-litre tank on one side of the machine would have affected stability on slopes," says George Randles of Ferrag, Raus UK importer. "There was no room to mount a second 150-litre tank on the other side of the sprayer, so a central position was the only remaining option. Having a small tank low down inside the main tank brings other advantages, too. It lowers the machines centre of gravity and also acts as a baffle."

For washing down the outside of the machine, all Rau sprayers are now available with a brush and 15m of hose reel. Washer option price is from £102.

&#8226 Filling time for Raus big trailed sprayers, along with the Imp self-propelled, can now be cut by fitting a venturi-based fast-fill kit. Priced at £352, the Injector-Fill boosts liquid uptake to 430 litres/min (95gal/min). &#42