9 February 1996

Rechargeable lamp lasts twice as long

CLUSONs new Smartlite rechargeable lamp will shine for up to twice as long as its older equivalent, with the mid-range model lasting three hours, the company claims.

The lamp has a streamlined, reinforced plastic case to reduce bulk and strength, says Cluson. It is also said to be water resistant.

Its high-powered, rapid recharge lamp claims to have 30% more power than the original Clulite with a superior spot beam produced from a xenon gas bulb. The Smartlite is well balanced and user-friendly with a comfortable handle and easy-reach switch, adds Cluson.

Three models are available – the SM64 (6v) costs £55, the SM610 (6v) costs £66 and the SM126 (12v) £75 (01730-264672).