20 February 1998

Record in May weather…

Unprecedented high daytime temperatures, in some areas more typical of May than February, have contributed to one of the earliest T-sum years on record.

The pattern is also one of the most uniform experienced with the majority of grass growing areas of Britain either now at or very close to T-sum 200.

Dry conditions in southern Britain have given many farmers a great opportunity to cash in on early grass, but those further north may have to wait a little longer until ground conditions improve.

As most of the country is at T-sum 200, this will be the last week the map is published in FW. However, producers in areas which have yet to reach target can call the Kemira/farmers weekly T-sum hotline on (0151-3575594) to check up in progress, while Farmers Weekly Interactive, on http://www.fwi.co.uk also carries the map and more detailed information.