26 May 1995

Reduce blowfly by regular inspection

INSPECT stock carefully at least once a day to reduce the risk of blowfly strikes.

That is the advice of Dr Karl Linklater, director of veterinary services at the Scottish Agricultural College.

He also recommends dagging ewes. "Clip off the soiled wool, especially from those ewes which could be scouring on a flush of grass," he says.

Once ewes have been shorn, the chance of bluebottle eggs hatching successfully into maggots is reduced severely. Lambs are the problem over the summer months, says Dr Linklater.

Strike can affect all parts of the body. Dr Linklater urges producers to watch sheep with footrot carefully. "Those sheep can get blowfly where the hooves touch skin."

If there is an outbreak, he recommends clipping the wool away and washing the area with disinfectant at the recommended dilution. "Bring lambs in for a day or two to clear the area up," he says.