30 June 2000

Reekie shows off its latest spud harvester

LATEST potato harvester from Netagco Reekie comes in the form of the Dominant 3000 model.

A two-row machine, its features include a new digging assembly which allows the shares a high degree of oscillation enabling them to follow rows more accurately when working on undulating ground.

Webs have been redesigned to reduce drop heights and agitation improved – it can be turned on and off on the main web without altering the webs angle.

The manned version is available with two or four-man picking tables and on the unmanned version the crop is spread as it passes onto a 1m wide discharge elevator.

A number of cleaning modules can be set once the crop has left the webs to accommodate for different harvesting conditions – giving the machine a flexibility which will perhaps appeal to a wide range of growers working with a wide range of soil conditions and growing systems. Price is about £60,000. &#42