14 July 1995

Regular trim can cut costs

REGULAR foot trimming could save £80 a cow, according to a Genus survey. This examined foot trimming practices on 180 herds representing 6500 cows.

Genus claims cows trimmed regularly showed 36% less incidence of conditions such as sole ulcers, interdigital and digital dermatitis.

Trimming reduced incidence of sole ulcers from 25% to 10%. Costed at £435 a case, the saving in a 100-cow herd was £65 a cow, says Genus. Incidence of interdigital dermatitis at £100 a case was cut from 25% to 16%, saving £9 a cow. Digital dermatitis at £245 a case was reduced from 10% to 6%, saving £9.80 a cow.

That potential saving of £80 a cow is set against the £7-£9 a cow cost of trimming a 100-cow herd once a year.