6 October 1995

Reinstatement plea rejected

APPEALS for the reinstatement of two forage maize varieties to the fully recommended category of the National Institute of Agricultural Botany lists have been rejected.

The two varieties Botanis and LG2080, which together account for more than 40% of UK market sales, were transferred to the "others not recommended" category in the 1996 list announced in early September (Livestock, Sept 8).

The companies behind the varieties, Coop de Pau (Botanis) and Force Limagrain (LG2080), launched appeals immediately but the decision, which included digestibility and yield, was upheld by an appeals council.

"Though the varieties performed on a par with fully recommended varieties, in terms of digestibility they did not yield as well," says Neil Groom, a senior technical officer for NIAB at Cambridge.

But Keith Galley, commercial director for Force Limagrain, says he believes LG2080 has not become outclassed. It yields only 4% less than the variety Melody, which remains in the fully recommended category, he adds. &#42