21 September 2001
‘Relieved it’s in the shed ’

IAN OGILVIE, who farms at Barns of Craig Farm next to Montrose Bay, finished cereal harvest a week ago.

“We had a great spell of dry weather and got virtually all the wheat in at 18% moisture. Its all keeping nicely in the shed.”

Decanter and Optic spring barley has yielded slightly below par at 5.75t/ha (2.3t/acre). Usually he expects 6.25t/ha.

But quality has been good. “Theres been talk of splits and skinning, but ours is OK, and nitrogen is good at 1.5%.

Hes pleased with his Claire, Consort and Riband wheat. He always looks to achieve a 10t/ha (4t/acre) crop, but yields have struggled to reach 9t/ha in recent years. This year the average was bang on target.

“Considering the wet winter I think theyve done very well. Less plants came through but they tillered well. They look bold, so quality shouldnt be a problem either.”

Two-thirds of his potato harvest is also completed. Hermes, Saturna, Romano, Desirée, Saxon and Maris Piper are all grown for seed.

“Were lifting in good conditions. Yields are average, skin finish is OK, and theyre going into the store dry. We shouldnt have any problems at grading.”

He reports disease levels have been very low this year: he has not seen any blight and blackleg levels are low.

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