3 November 1995

Replacers save £20 for each one

UK DAIRY farmers can save £20 a calf by rearing them on milk replacers rather than whole milk at a time of high milk prices and low super-levy risk, says UKASTA.

"When super-levy liability threatens it makes sense to use whole milk in calf rearing, especially when prices are relatively low," says milk replacer committee chairman, Bernard Gooderham. "But under current milk market and quota conditions whole-milk feeding will only cut farm profits.

"At 25p/litre, rearing calves to weaning at six weeks on whole milk will cut dairy earnings by at least £40 a calf. The equivalent cost of feeding a quality milk replacer is little more than £20 a calf."

"Under these conditions milk replacer feeding represents a direct saving of £20 a calf, or over £1000 for every 50 calves reared," he says.