1 December 1995

Retrokit can make jack all right

WHY carry out expensive repairs to an old jack, when buying a retro-fit kit makes the jack serviceable again for less money, asks Notts-based Lift-Fix?

The firm claims its Pasquin P102 Fossa jack, for use with commercial vehicle lifts, makes the repair of existing hydraulic jacks uneconomical.

Designed to fit into the cradle of pit and lift jacks, the air/hydraulic two-stage jack kit has a maximum capacity of 30t. Standard max lift height is 370mm (15mm) but this can be extended to 420mm (17in) or 470mm (19in) with the use of the 50mm (2in) and 100mm (4in) extensions supplied with all models.

Price of the P102, which has an air requirement of 8bar, is £890 (0115-945 2473).