French weather saves wheat price’s year
FOR the first seven months of 2000, feed wheat prices remained fairly stable.

Milk price plummets in 2000
FOUR years of falling milk prices finally came to an end in 2000, and there is a feeling in the industry that the worst may be over.

MBM ban rescues UK oilseeds
PRICES kicked off at harvest at about 115/t, about 10/t higher than the same time in 1999.

Rain causes havoc in potato business
POTATO prices have almost doubled since the start of the year, after a season dogged by poor weather.

BSE still haunts beef market
BSES ugly shadow still hangs menacingly over the UK beef market.

Pig production hits a post-war low
IT has been another turbulent year for the crisis-hit pig industry.

Lamb booms as beef business suffers
TROUBLES in the beef market at the end of this year may have caused despair in that sector, but they put a smile on sheep producers faces.

Fertiliser prices rocket in 2000
THE rate at which fertiliser prices rose in 2000 could well be a record. Nitrogen jumped some 52% from 85/tonne to 130/t over the year.