16 February 1996

Rhyncho needs more attention

GROWING popularity of spring barleys prone to rhynchosporium makes good control of the disease increasingly important. So says Nigel Metcalfe of Yorks-based independent trials specialists NDSM.

Work on Intro winter barley, commissioned by ISK Biosciences, found a full rate Bravocarb (chloro-thalonil)/triazole flag leaf treatment boosted yields by up to 10%.

The variety, rated 5 for resistance by NIAB, had "moderate" levels of rhynchosporium (up to 5% of the leaf area affected) on the lower leaves at that stage. Other diseases, notably mildew, were controlled with a morpholine.

The results are "extremely encouraging" in view of the increased popularity of the more rhyncho-susceptible varieties such as Chariot, Cooper and Optic, rated 3, 5 and 5 respectively, says Mr Metcalfe. &#42