16 February 1996

Right maize boost

BENEFITS of £500/ha (£200/ acre) can be gained by choosing the most appropriate maize variety on marginal sites, according to the latest Kingshay Farming Trust report.

The project, run with Dalgety Agriculture, compared eight early maturing varieties on six marginal sites around the UK in Cornwall, Somerset, Wilts, Dyfed, Staffs and Shropshire.

"The same eight early maturing forage varieties were used on each site, against the variety LG 2080 as control," says Kingshay project leader, Richard Simpson.

Average dry matter yield across the sites was 10.3t/ha (4.2t/ acre) with 30% starch. ME ranged from 9.9 to 11MJ/kg DM and estimated crop values varied by over £494/ ha (£200/acre) on some sites. &#42