29 September 1995

Rise in thefts is halted

AFTER a huge rise in the number of ATVs stolen during 1992 and 93, farmer awareness has managed to halt the increase. But not eliminate it.

The NFU Mutual insurance estimates over 1400 ATVs are stolen each year – 27 every week of the year. This does not make such machines popular with insurance companies.

"To provide an incentive for farmers to take extra care of their ATVs we were forced to introduce a £500 excess for claims if they were stolen when not properly secured," says NFU Mutuals Tim Price. "If they are still stolen, despite being secured, the excess is £100. And if they are blatantly left with the keys in or the owner has been unduly careless, the insurance claim could be refused."

A 10% discount is offered to ATV owners who are prepared to use the ATVWheel Clamp from Wyvern All Terrain, the Luke Lock from Luke Trailers or the Quadsafe from Unit Pack Security Systems.