12 January 1996

Roller adds little extra to unit weight

A ROLLER which can be operated behind a tractor-mounted powerharrow/drill combination and which adds only minimal extra weight on the unit – has been developed by a Northern Ireland company.

DMC Distribution, of Down-patrick, County Down, is now offering the Culti roller, which is attached to a powerharrow/drill combinations headstock via a bridge-link. The headstock is equipped with a simple spigot over which the link is lowered – not unlike a simple trailer/tractor connection.

A degree of play in the connection allows the roll to follow ground contours and remain on the ground when the headstock is raised to lift the drill out of work.

The roll itself is available in 3m and 4m (10ft and 13ft) widths and comprises a series of rubber tyres within a frame which, if required, can be ballasted. For transport the roll is towed behind the raised drill combination. The manufacturer reports that it intends to produce a folding version of the 4m model later this year.

Price of the 3m is £4300 and the 4m £5200. Prices include a harrow attachment, lights and pivot. &#42

Bridge-link for the Culti roll allows soil to be pressed after a power harrow/ drill combination – without increasing overall weight significantly.