5 April 1996

Rot now insurable

UK potato growers can now obtain insurance against brown rot thanks to a new scheme launched by insurance broker Bain Hogg and consultants Agricultural Risk Management.

Farmers who suffer a confirmed outbreak of the disease in seed or ware crops this year will be eligible for compensation from £1235/ha (£500/acre) to £3700/ha (£1500/acre).

If the ministry confirms a ban on potato growing on affected farms, a further £1235/ha (£500/acre) a year for the next two years will also be paid.

An indemnity limit of £500,000 per farm has been set. Cover must be taken out by Apr 30.

Premiums for the maximum cover work out at just over £2/t for a 50t/ha (20t/acre) crop, says the company.

For further information contact Bain Hogg (01743-843020). &#42