17 May 1996

Round balers aplenty…

A PLETHORA of round balers will make their public debut at Kemira Grassland 96.

Among the new faces in the baler sector will be Danish firm JF, which is sending over its five-model, Gallignani-built line-up. Sold in the UK by Westmac, the balers are fixed chamber/roller machines and produce bales of 1.2m (4ft) width and 1.2m (4ft) diameter.

Entry-level model is the RB220 which has a 15-ribbed roller chamber, 1.5m (5ft) pick-up and a twine tying system. A netwrap kit is optional. The higher spec RB300 models are designed for contractor and larger farm use. Still putting out 1.2m bales, the main difference between these machines and the baby RB220 is the addition of an extra roller and a higher standard spec.

Price of the RB range starts at about £14,000.

Westmac sells JFbalers in the UK. The five-model RBrange is priced from about £14,000.