15 December 1995

SACnominates its eyespot product

PROCHLORAZ is the fungicide favoured by Scottish Agricultural College expert Dr Simon Oxley against eyespot in winter wheat.

He said it had given a yield benefit of up to 1t/ha compared with 0.6t/ha for flusilazole. It had also given better lodging control.

Dr Oxley said part of the reason was that prochloraz gave improved control of the rye strains of eyespot. "Trial results show wheat and rye strains compete with each other and where the wheat strain population was reduced by fungicides, there was an increase in rye strains if the fungicide was less effective against those.

"This result is important because many fungicides applied to control other diseases may have an indirect effect on eyespot populations," said Dr Oxley.

He advised a split application of early fungicide to counter septoria as well as eyespot. That should involve applying the first treatment at mid to late tillering (GS 23-25) around the end of March and the second at second node detectable (GS32), he said.