9 February 1996

Safe bale spike takes top spot at LAMMA show

The Lincolnshire Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Association show goes from strength to strength. More than 100 exhibitors were at this years event. Andrew Faulkner reports

A FOLDING bale spike picked up the Best New Invention Award at this years LAMMA show.

The Thistlethwaite Folding Safety Handler is just as it sounds – a bale handling attachment that folds up flat for transport to satisfy HSE and police concerns over exposed spikes on public roads.

In the field the two folding sections open out. The bottom section drops to expose three bale spikes, while the top becomes a base plate extension to stop bales from rolling back and on to the tractor. Three pins lock the sections in place.

"We wanted to make the attachment quick and easy to fold to encourage the operator to use it. If it took too long he just wouldnt bother," John Thistlethwaite says.

Price of the attachment, which can handle most sizes of bale, is £550.

lThe North Yorks-based firm has also added a telescopic top arm to its Universal Bale Handler. This enables the operator to adjust the gripping attachment to accommodate all shapes of bale without leaving the cab. With the telescopic top arm fully extended the handler can now lift 2.5m (8ft) long rectangular bales – lengthways. Price is £1350. &#42

LAMMA award winners

New product

Thistlethwaite folding safety handler

New invention

RHCO self-loading bale trailer

New invention (low capital cost)

Graham Thompson Plantitheft security device.