6 December 1996

Safe British beef club is launched

A NEW organisation, the British Beef Club, has been launched by the ASDA supermarket chain to help convince UK and EU shoppers that British beef is safe to eat.

Throughout the BSE crisis, ASDA has offered only British beef to its 5.5m customers. That decision has won the backing of shoppers as beef sales in ASDA stores are up.

"We know that beef sold by supermarkets and butchers is amongst the safest in the world. The time has come to stand four square behind the industry and publicly demonstrate confidence in our product and the future of the industry" says Allan Leighton, ASDAs chief executive.

The British Beef Club, which is free to join, will aim to promote the quality of British beef to the world and will seek a speedy end to the current unjustified export ban.

Several 1000 invitations to join the club have been sen.

t to MPs, Peers, farmers, others involved in the processing and retail industry and to journalists. ASDA customers are also being invited to join.

Some 30,000 car stickers have been printed to enable club members to demonstrate their support to the wider public.