8 March 1996

Safer way to shunt

SHUNTING farm machinery with a forklift and chain is an awkward and slow job. It can also be debilitatingly painful.

Driffield-based Agri-Weld says its Quick-Shift system, designed for fitting to either front-end loaders or materials handlers, provides a quicker and safer method of shunting from A to B.

Comprising an all-welded steel pick-up frame, the Quick-Shift comes with stabilising plates and a special top link pin. To couple up, the pin is slotted into the top link point on the implement to be moved. The operator then hooks the Quick-Shift under the pin and tilts back, engaging the systems stabilising plates in the lower link points.

Agri-Weld can also supply bale spikes and big bag carriers which fit on to the frame in place of the stabilising plates. Price of the base unit is £450. &#42