1 September 1995

Safety video

ON average, 50 to 60 people are killed in agricultural accidents every year reports the Health and Safety Executive. And this includes children.

There are also an estimated 18,000 accidents which require more than three days off work.

More specifically, the toll for 1994-95 amounted to a depressing 54 people – the highest for three years – 36 deaths involved the self-employed and two children were also killed.

Latest initiative from the HSE to curb these often avoidable tragedies is a compilation video which contains scenes from a series of previously launched safety awareness videos. All are aimed at selected danger areas on the farm – machinery guards, overhead power lines and tractors, to name but three – and should make essential viewing for the safety-conscious farmer or contractor.

Agriculture Video Trailers, which runs 20 minutes, is available free while stocks last by calling CFL Vision on 01937-541010. &#42