12 May 1995

Safety visors are a breath of fresh air

TWO visors are supplied with a breathing air system, giving protection to both the operators eyes and respiratory system.

Both visors are part of a breathing aid package, from Asco-Joucomatic, which comprises a wall-mounted filter, 10m (33ft) of small-bore air supply hose, a waist belt-mounted filter and regulator, and a Y-piece for connecting up to the visor. Options include a three-stage free standing filter unit for operations where the complete system needs to be portable.

The two visors are made of either polycarbonate or acetate. Polycarbonate should be used when there is a risk of impact, such as grinding, and solvent-resistant acetate is recommended for paint spraying applications.

Price of the system starts at £202 (01902-459924).