10 September 1999

Sales up on 98 despite fall in figures for August

By Andy Collings

NEARLY 30% down on last August, but tractor sales figures are still ahead of last year overall.

Latest figures released by the Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA) reveal that tractor sales for August fell by 29.5% when compared with the same period last year.

Even so, year to date figures still show a slight rise of 8%.

While there will be those who are disappointed with Augusts sales, it is worth noting that the change in the registration procedure – now March and September rather than August – may well have influenced the number of sales achieved.

Whether farmers will choose to make their purchases this month – when the new V-reg designation appears – remains to be seen.

AEA economist Chris Evans believes tractor sales are still on course to finish this year at about 10% up on 1998, for a total of about 10,500 units. &#42