21 July 1995

Salop hill project waste of time

LANDOWNERS are opposing a draft management plan for the Shropshire hills.

The Country Landowners Association says the 36-page consultation document, which includes action points for agriculture, tourism and conservation, is a waste of time and resources.

County CLA chairman Michael Dugdale said there were already "too many agencies in the countryside with project offices tripping over each other to get in on the act".

"Good, profitable agriculture will do more to conserve the countryside than anything else. Most people recognise that agriculture is the backbone of the Shropshire Hills and that they are largely unspoilt."

Judith Moore, Shropshire County Council management plan officer, said the project aimed to agree a common approach to the future management of the Shropshire Hills and the plan had no legal standing.

The council supported farmers and the contribution they made to the character of the hills. But if the council wanted to attract European funding into the area it had to show it had a long term management plan.