10 July 1998

Salop mixed unit offered

KEEN to concentrate on dairying, the owner of a mixed unit in Shropshire is selling up in order to focus his attention on finding a commercial dairy unit.

Manor Farm, Sheriffhales, between Newport and Shifnal includes 352 acres of mainly grade 2 medium bodied sandy loam land capable of growing sugar beet, potatoes and cereals. The farm has an irrigation licence of right for 7.5m gallons.

Also a dairy unit with housing for upto 140 cows, a range of farm buildings offering limited storage facilities, a three-bedroom farmhouse and a cottage are included in the £1.1m guide price.

However Tony Morris-Eyton, FPDSavills handling the sale says: "We are prepared to be flexible and the farm also is lotted four ways".

Most of Manor Farm is split into two with the farmhouse, dairy and about 140 acres separated from 200 acres of arable land – which Mr Morris-Eyton values at around £2600/acre.

"Little has come onto the market in this part of the country this year, but so far farms marketed have sold after healthy competition," he said.