21 July 1995

Sambo jumps in at No five…

STAR performer in the latest Canadian lifetime profitability rankings is the Blackstar son Long-Haven Sambo who jumps from outside the top 50 to number five on LPI.

His Canadian figures (breed class averages) show +25 for milk, +13 for fat and +23 for protein, ranking him third in Canada for protein production.

His UK PTA95 conversion at 77% reliability shows 1095kg milk, 20kg (-0.28%) fat, 26kg (-0.09%) protein and £83 PIN. He is available priced £15/straw from Greenacres.

Room at the top

Disappointment in this latest evaluation for Prelude (see p43) makes way for Madawaska Aerostar to take top position on the LPI list. He gains 132 points on LPI, adding three BCA points to milk to leave +23, and two points each for fat and protein to leave +14 and +25 respectively. His final class for type is +7. His UK conversion at 84% reliability shows 1033kg milk, 21kg (-0.25%) fat, and 28kg (-0.04%) protein. Aerostar has a PIN of £93.

Second place on LPI goes to Combination Supersire who gains two BCA points on fat to leave +18, while maintaining scores for milk and protein at +13 and +15. His final class is +16.

Pinehurst Comet ranks third on LPI with a final class of +8. Also in the top 10 is Gilbrook Grand, said to be the best Chief Mark son in Canada.

Peartome Jackpot drops six points on final class to +6, and moves from +13 on feet and legs to +5.

Lagaber Sambo Maude is a daughter of highest climber in the latest Canadian lifetime profitability rankings, the bull Long-Haven Sambo.